Update from the SLS-DSU

It will probably come as no surprise that we are still unable to reopen the SLS-DSU & Safe Setting at Ladywell House. Staff are working from home but do not have remote access to data.

We have been developing methods of working and a data approach in case of a partial lifting of ‘social distancing.’ We will be sending out more details in due course but in essence this will focus on, for those that can, the use of synthetic data with short periods of Safe Setting access. Your individual SLS Support Officers can explain in more detail but this will rely on you setting up your favoured dataset ready for ‘rough and ready’ synthetic data production. The synthetic data can then be analysed away from the Safe Setting, with a finalisation of models run in the Safe Setting.

Please do contact us to discuss existing projects and to develop new SLS project ideas. We are also taking this opportunity to work on extensions to the SLS, including regional remote access, so that when we are fully up and running, we will be able to offer more to our users.

We continue to monitor the situation and take advice from the University of Edinburgh and NRS.  We will email our researchers when we know more.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


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