An Introduction to using the UK Census Longitudinal Study (UKcenLS)

6th November 2019, UCL Christopher Ingold Building, 20 Gordon Street, Kings Cross, London, WC1H 0AJ

UKcenLS team: Lee Williamson & Tom Clemens (SLS-DSU), Oliver Duke-Williams & Nicola Shelton (CeLSIUS)

This introductory training workshop session is designed to introduce people unfamiliar with the UK Census Longitudinal Studies (UKcenLS) and the unique social science that can be undertaken with microdata that tracks individuals over time, to the kinds of analyses that can be carried out using UKcenLS.

The session will provide a general introduction to the UKcenLS datasets: England and Wales ONS LS, Scotland LS (SLS) and Northern Ireland LS (NILS).

This introduction will be followed by an opportunity for delegates to have a hands-on session to:

• explore which variables are held by each LS in the data dictionary and use test data;

• have help completing an application to use LS data (main example from the SLS);

• meet Support Unit staff from CeLSIUS & the SLS-DSU to discuss the development of new research projects.

*Please bring your own laptop for the hands-on part of the session.*

No previous experience of microdata or statistical analysis techniques is required.

The event is open to all UK registered students, university staff and those working for government agencies or local authorities.


*The SLS-DSU will be in contact with registered participants nearer the time of the event to to confirm preferred statistical packages.*

Event timings:  13:30-17:30





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