Support Units

There are three Research Support Units, each supporting a Longitudinal Study.

CeLSIUS (supporting ONS Longitudinal Study)

Since 2012 CeLSIUS (the Centre for Longitudinal Study Information & User Support) has been based at University College London. Its Director is Dr Nicola Shelton, with a research team who provide user support plus a group of Senior Advisors. More about CeLSIUS…

SLS-DSU (supporting Scottish Longitudinal Study)

The Scottish Longitudinal Study Development & Support Unit (SLS-DSU) is a project of the Longitudinal Studies Centre – Scotland (LSCS) at the University of Edinburgh. The Director is Prof Chris Dibben, and the SLS team includes 3 Support Officers, 2 Database Managers and a Project Manager.  Researchers can use the data remotely (by sending syntax for Support Officers to run) or at the safe-setting within the National Records of Scotland at Ladywell House, Edinburgh.  More about SLS-DSU…

NILS-RSU (supporting Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study)

The NILS-RSU (Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study Research Support Unit) supports researchers using the NILS and is based within the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA), Belfast. The team is led by its Director, Dr Ian Shuttleworth. Data access is provided in the safe setting at the Unit. More about NILS-RSU


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