UK LS Roadshow 2015 – Scottish event presentations available to download!

On October 26th and 28th CALLS Hub hosted two exciting roadshow events in Aberdeen and Glasgow to promote the UK Census-based Longitudinal Studies. The events were well attended and feedback from the audience was very enthusiastic! It was great to be able to share our excitement about the potential of the datasets.

The first part of our Roadshows showcased some of the different types of research that the Scottish Longitudinal Study has been used for, and you can download the slides here:

Protective effects of nurses’ health literacy: evidence from the Scottish Longitudinal Study

Dr Ian Atherton, Edinburgh Napier University

NEETs in Scotland: a longitudinal analysis of health effects of NEET experience (PDF 5MB)

Dr Zhiqiang Feng, University of Edinburgh

Population Ageing in Scotland: Implications for Healthcare Expenditure Projections (PDF 312kB)

Dr Claudia Geue, University of Glasgow

How spatial segregation changes over time: sorting out the sorting processes (PDF 285kB)

Prof Nick Bailey, University of Glasgow

Using the Scottish Longitudinal Study to analyse social inequalities in school subject choice (PDF 766kB)

Prof Cristina Ianelli, University of Edinburgh

Inequalities in young adults’ access to home-ownership in Scotland: a widening gap? (PDF 1MB)

Prof Elspeth Graham, University of St Andrews


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