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As our previous post demonstrates, the UK Administrative Data Research Network Annual Research Conference held on 1-2 June 2017 in Edinburgh provided a great showcase for research from the ONS LS, NILS and SLS studies. The conference included a series of sessions sponsored by CALLS Hub, promoting the use of census longitudinal studies and/or population linkage studies to contribute to the substantive themes of health/mortality inequality or migration. Here we round up the excellent presentations given in those sessions.

Session 1G – Premature mortality

Megan Yates: “Incidence of conditions considered amenable to health care in Scotland” – abstract and slides

Ania Zylbersztejn: “Comparison of under-5 mortality in England and in Sweden using electronic birth cohorts from administrative linked data” – abstract and slides

Session 2G – Health inequalities

Sarah Curtis: “Long term illness and reported mental health conditions during recession: exploring evidence from the Scottish Longitudinal Study” – abstract

Jonathan Minton: “Profiling, benchmarking and exploring Age- Period-Cohort patterns in mortality in the Affluent World: examples from Scotland and beyond” – abstract and slides

Genevieve Cezard: “Mortality and ethnicity: minorities fare better than the White Scottish majority in the Scottish Health and Ethnicity Linkage Study (SHELS)” – abstract and slides

Session 3G – Internal migration

Annemarie Ernsten: “How can we better understand internal migration?” – abstract

Brian Foley: “Measuring Internal Migration: Comparing Census and Administrative Data” – abstract and slides

Session 4G – Health & migration (full video below)

Anne Kouvonen: “All-cause mortality by income level in working- age migrants and the majority settled population of Finland: a follow-up from 2001 to 2014” – abstract and video

Kishan Patel: “How well does registry data answer questions about migrant mental health? An analysis of author concerns from a scoping review” – abstract and video

Frances Darlington-Pollock: “The move, the person, or the area? Exploring risk of Cardiovascular Disease in New Zealand” – abstract and video


In addition, CALLS Hub were please to sponsor one of the conference Keynote speakers, Prof Johan Mackenbach, Professor of Public Health and chair of the Dept of Public Health at the Erasmus MC in the Netherlands:

Health inequalities in Europe. New insights from comparative studies

Abstract Socioeconomic inequalities in mortality are present in all European countries, but their magnitude and development over time is highly variable. In a series of on-going comparative studies we exploit these variations to identify the macro- and micro-level determinants of these mortality inequalities. In my presentation I will summarize the results of these studies, and relate our findings to current insights into the explanation of health inequalities in modern welfare states.

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