Video presentations now available from SLS 10th anniversary event

The SLS-DSU YouTube channel now has presentations from the SLS 10th Anniversary Event held in Edinburgh on 7 Dec 2017. The videos have also now been embedded into each output entry in our database:

Introducing the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS) – Dr Robin Frost, NRS SLS Project Manager

Introducing the ONS Longitudinal Study (ONS LS) – Dr Oliver Duke-Williams, Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Studies, UCL

Introducing Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS) – Dr Ian Shuttleworth, NILS Director, Queen’s University Belfast

Introducing the Census & Administrative data LongitudinaL Studies Hub (CALLS-Hub) – Dr Fiona Cox, Project Manager CALLS Hub, University of St Andrews

Population Ageing in Scotland – Prof John MacInnes, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

How the SLS has helped with the understanding of Scotland’s mortality excess – Dr Frank Popham, Senior Research Fellow, MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow

The role of geographical mobility in intergenerational social mobility: Linkage of the Scottish Longitudinal Study and Scottish Mental Survey 1947 data – Dr Lynne Forrest, Researcher, Administrative Data Research Centre Scotland (ADRC-S), University of Edinburgh

Administrative health data linked to the SLS, the potential opportunities for migration research – Dr David McCollum, Senior Lecturer School of Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews

Equality, religion and mortality in Scotland and Northern Ireland: the SLS on tour – Dr David Wright, Research Fellow, Administrative Data Research Centre Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast

Varying mental health in the population across Scotland during the recent recession: Combining SLS data and other sources – Prof Sarah Curtis, Universities of Durham and Edinburgh


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