CALLS Hub/UK Data Service Webinar recording now available

Fiona Cox, CALLS Hub

Fiona Cox of CALLS Hub recently took part in a joint webinar with the UK Data Service on ‘Flexible individual-level data from the Census: Census micro data and longitudinal studies’, introducing the census-based longitudinal studies (ONS LS, NILS and SLS).

Conventional census outputs take the form of counts of persons, households or other units with particular characteristics. Census microdata, on the other hand, is a flexible form of data which provides a wide range of characteristics for large samples of anonymous census respondents. The data look a lot like the sort of data you would get if you conducted a survey yourself, however they have additional interesting features, most notably that they have unusually large sample sizes.

This introductory webinar discussed the two types of census microdata available for researchers to use:

  • Cross-sectional census microdata (known simply as ‘census microdata’ or samples of anonymised records) which take samples of data from individuals at one point in time, to allow comparisons between groups
  • Longitudinal census microdata held in datasets which link census records over time with other key records such as those from birth and death registrations

We describe some of the key features of the data, show how they can be used in research and explain how users can access the data.


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