Impact Case Studies

Impact Case Studies give snap-shot examples of how LS data is informing policy and practice changes in both the academic and wider contexts. If you have used LS data and would like to tell us more about the impact of your research, please contact us.

Neighborhood Crime and Psychotropic Medications: A Longitudinal Data Linkage Study of 130,000 Scottish Adults

Baranyi, G, Cherrie, M., Curtis, S., Dibben, C., Pearce, J. (2020) 17 August 2020. Impact Case Study [SLS]

Download output document: Gergo Baranyi Impact Case Study
Output from project: 2015_015

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Understanding Inequality: The effects of changing neighbourhood characteristics on individuals

Zhang, ML., Bell, A., Manley, D., Popli,G., Galster, G., Olner, D., Dong, G., Owen, G., & Pryce, G. (2020) All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Social Mobility 20 October 2020. [SLS]

Available online: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Social Mobility
Download output document: Impact Case Study - Meng Le Zhang et al
Output from project: 2018_006

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Consequences and risk factors of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET)

Feng, Z., Everington, D., Ralston, K., Dibben, C., Raab, G. & Graham, E. (2017) CALLS Hub Impact Case Study 3. 17 March 2017. [SLS][CALLS]

Download output document: PDF 402KB
Output from project: 2013_005

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Assessing the contributions of the workplace and employment history, the local area, and individual health and social factors from childhood and adulthood to extended working life

Murray, E., Shelton, N., Head, J. & Stuchbury, R. (2017) CALLS Hub Impact Case Study 4. 27 September 2017. [ONS LS][CALLS]

Download output document: PDF 405KB
Output from project: 04010082

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Growing Up and Growing Old in Scotland: housing transitions and changing living arrangements for young and older adults, 1991-2011

Graham, E., Fiori, F. & Feng, Z. (2016) SLS Impact Case Study 2. 3 December 2015. [SLS]

Download output document: PDF 251kB
Output from project: 2013_011

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Education and Social Stratification: The role of subject choices in secondary education on further education studies and labour market outcomes

Iannelli, C. & Klein, M. (2016) CALLS Hub Impact Case Study 2. 11 November 2016. [SLS][CALLS]

Download output document: PDF 508kB
Output from project: 2013_013

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Flexible ageing: new ways to measure the diverse experience of population ageing in Scotland, using the Scottish Longitudinal Study

Spijker, J. & MacInnes, J. (2015) SLS Impact Case Study 1. 5 November 2015. [SLS]

Download output document: PDF 244kB
Output from project: 2013_003

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Tenure Change in Scotland: a comparison between 1991-2001 and 2001-2006 – Jan Freeke (SLS Project 2007_009)

Cox, F. & Freeke, J. (2013) CALLS Hub Impact Case Study 1. [SLS][CALLS]

Download output document: PDF 184KB
Output from project: 2007_009

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