Tenure Change in Scotland: a comparison between 1991-2001 and 2001-2006 – Jan Freeke (SLS Project 2007_009)

Cox, F. & Freeke, J. (2013) CALLS Hub Impact Case Study 1. [SLS][CALLS]

Other information: Towards the end of the last decade, Councils in the Glasgow conurbation faced a new situation, as the rate of housing tenure change had changed considerably since around 2000. Glasgow City Council undertook a review of social tenure change over the period 1991-2006 as a basis for understanding these changes and predicting likely future patterns. Data from the Scottish Longitudinal Study and from the Scottish Household Survey enabled their researchers to explore the effects of demographics on tenure flows, and revealed the effects of affordability on the flow from social renting to owner occupation, particularly for young people and those in social rented housing. These results fed into the research evidence base for key local strategic housing policies for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.

Download output document: PDF 184KB
Output from project: 2007_009


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