Where is the land of hope and glory? The geography of intergenerational mobility in England and Wales

Bell, B., Blundell, J. & Machin, S. (2022) Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 15 July 2022. [ONS LS]

Other information:

This paper presents a new analysis of intergenerational mobility across three cohorts in England and Wales using linked decennial census microdata focusing on occupation, home ownership, and education. Four main results emerge. First, area-level differences in upward occupational mobility are highly persistent over time. Second, measures of absolute and relative mobility tend to be spatially positively correlated. Third, there is a robust relationship between upward educational and upward occupational mobility. Last, there is a small negative relationship between upward home ownership mobility and upward occupational mobility, revealing that social mobility comparisons based on different outcomes can have different trends.

Available online: Scandinavian Journal of Economics,
Output from project: 1008709


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