Using the E&W Census Longitudinal Study (LS)

Xun, W. (2014) Health and Social Surveys Group Seminar Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health, University College London, UK. 2 May 2014

Other information:

This seminar will give an introduction to using the E&W Census Longitudinal Study, We will cover information available, data structure, data access and plans for future development.

The LS contains individual and household level microdata. It is a 1% sample of resident population, plus anyone in same household, on census night. Random selection based on 4 birthdays with longitudinal follow-up since 1971. All Census topics are available and the large sample size of around half a million records means rare subgroup and small area analyses are possible. The data is linked to vital events and cause of death is available.

Output from project: 0300411


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