Geographies and ecological variables in the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS)

Feng, Z. (2013) SLS Technical Working Paper 5. Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland: Edinburgh/St Andrews. 28 May 2013. [SLS]

Other information:

The Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS) is a large scale linkage study created from the linkage of data from routine administrative and statistical sources. These include Census data, vital events data (births, deaths, marriages), National Health Service Central Register (NHSCR) data (migration in or out of Scotland), NHS data (cancer registrations and hospital discharges), and education data (Hattersley & Boyle 2007; Boyle et al. 2009).

Geographical data are an integrated part of the SLS. All SLS data are coded onto a number of different geographies, including census, health and other administrative areas, at a range of spatial scales. These geographies relate to the geography existing at the time of the census, or the occurrence of a demographic event (e.g. birth). Geographies and ecological variables are essential not only for research on migration, but also for research on impacts of environmental and socio-economic contexts on individuals’ well-being. This working paper will introduce geographical data including geographical identifiers and ecological variables in the SLS.

Download output document: SLS Technical Working Paper 5 (PDF 1.5MB)


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