Migration and Religion in Scotland: A study on the influence of religion on migration behaviour

Van Dijck, J., Feijten, P. & Boyle, P. (2010) SLS Research Working Paper 8. Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland: Edinburgh/St Andrews, 1 November 2010. [SLS]

Other information:

This paper analyzes the influence of individual religion on internal migration in Scotland. Two aspects of religion are studied: denomination and secularization. Drawing on data from the Scottish Longitudinal Study, a 5.3% population sample linking the 1991 and 2001 censuses, this paper uses the location- specific capital theory to argue that religious individuals are less likely to migrate than non-religious individuals and that Catholics are less likely to migrate than Protestants. It also uses the modernization theory to argue that individuals who moved from a rural to an urban area are more likely to have become secular. The findings corroborate the hypotheses and thus confirm that individual religion is still an important factor in explaining contemporary internal migration.

Download output document: SLS Research Working Paper 8 (PDF 131KB)


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