Mortality of the ‘Golden Generation’: what can the ONS Longitudinal Study tell us?

Goldring, S., Henretty, N., Mills, J., Johnson, K. & Smallwood, S. (2011) Population Trends, (145), 199-228 Office for National Statistics. 22 September 2011. [ONS LS]

Other information:

It is well documented that the generations born around 1930 are consistently exhibiting higher rates of mortality improvement than the generations either side of them. There is currently no evidence that these differentials are declining. In current ONS National Population Projections, it is assumed that these cohorts will continue to experience higher rates of improvement. However, it is not yet precisely clear why this is so. This article details preliminary research carried out using the ONS Longitudinal Study to try to understand better why the members of the generation born around 1930 have been enjoying higher rates of mortality improvement throughout their adult life.

Available online: Population Trends,
Download output document: Full Paper (PDF 550KB)


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