Modelling risk of smoking related disease linked to deprivation: comparison of two linked data sets

Olajide, D. & Ludbrook, A. (2013) SHIP conference: Exploiting Existing Data for Health Research, University of St Andrews, UK, 28 - 30 Aug 2013 [SLS]

Other information:

Linking disease risk associated with health behaviours to deprivation can assist in targeting interventions and addressing health inequalities. Relevant data sets available in Scotland are the Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) and the Scottish Longitudinal Survey (SLS), administratively linked to Scottish Morbidity Records (SMR). The SHeS includes self reported health behaviours, but is potentially limited by small numbers when it comes to investigating specific diseases. The SLS has large numbers but does not contain individual health behaviour data. However, small area estimates of smoking probabilities have been developed. This study was a novel attempt to demonstrate the potential of such area based statistics by comparing results from separate analyses of the two data sets.

Download output document: Conference programme & abstracts (PDF 1.5MB)
Output from project: 2009_001


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