Exploring the impact of selective migration on the deprivation-mortality gap within Greater Glasgow

Popham, F., Boyle, P., O'Reilly, D. & Leyland, A. (2010) GCPH Findings Series, Briefing Paper 24. GCPH: Glasgow. 1 March 2010. [SLS]

Other information:

The mortality gap between the least and most deprived areas in Greater Glasgow has widened in recent years. However, over the same period, Greater Glasgow’s most deprived areas have seen a significant loss of population, and it has been suggested that the widening mortality gap could be, in part, due to internal migration of healthier and wealthier individuals away from these areas rather than a relative worsening of health per se in these areas.

This idea was tested using data from the Scottish Longitudinal Study that links a 5.3% sample of the 1991 and 2001 Scottish censuses to each other and to mortality and other administrative records. ...

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Output from project: 2009_002


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