Changing and Claiming Ethnic Identities in the 1991 and 2001 Censuses

Moore. R. & Hickman, M.J. (2010) ISET Working Paper Series, WP20. Institute for the Study of European Transformations (ISET), London Metropolitan University, London. 1 September 2010. [ONS LS]

Other information:

This paper reviews the history of the making of a new category in the 1991 Census about ethnic origin. And it considers the developments that led to the revision of this question in the 2001 census. The paper then proceeds to present and discuss, first, evidence from the ONS Longitudinal Study about the domestic and economic circumstances that were associated with a change in selection of ethnic identity in the 2001 census compared with the 1991 census. Second, the paper focuses on a new category in the 2001 ethnic question ‘White Irish’ and examines who did and who did not claim this identity in 2001, and what domestic and economic factors explain the results.

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