Adding contextual admin data to the ons longitudinal study for england and wales: the example of house price data

Dennett, A., Duke-Williams, O. & Shelton, N. (2017) Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) Annual Research Conference, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK, 1 - 2 June 2017 [ONS LS]

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The ONS Longitudinal Study is a complete set of census records for individuals, linked between successive censuses, together with data for various events. It relates to a sample of the population of England and Wales.

The sample comprises people born on one of four selected dates of birth and therefore makes up about 1% of the total population. The sample was initiated at the time of the 1971 Census, and the four dates were used to update the sample at the 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 Censuses and in routine event registrations. Fresh LS members enter the study through birth and immigration and existing members leave through emigration or death, however their data is retained.

Thus, the LS represents a continuous sample of the population of England and Wales, rather than a sample taken at one time point only. It now includes records for over 950,000 study members.

In addition to the census records, the individual LS records contain data for events such as deaths, births to sample mothers, emigrations and cancer registrations.

Census information is also included for all people living in the same household as the LS member.

To add context to the dataset we will link to the Land Registry Price Paid dataset. This is an open, address-level dataset, which records the price paid in residential transactions between 1995 and the present day. This will enhance studies of migration and also provide a contextual wealth variable in conjunction with the household tenure.

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