CeLSIUS (supporting ONS Longitudinal Study)

Since 2012 CeLSIUS (the Centre for Longitudinal Study Information & User Support) has been based at University College London. Its Director is Dr Nicola Shelton, with a research team who provide user support plus a group of Senior Advisors.

CeLSIUS provides user support for the ONS LS, which covers England and Wales. The ONS LS is a longitudinal sample of around 1% of the total population of England and Wales, containing data from censuses and other sources including routine event registrations (births, deaths), immigration and embarkation. The dataset is created and maintained by ONS, and there are currently over 950,000 Study members.

The ONS LS is the largest and oldest of the three LSs, having been initiated at the time of the 1971 census.  It thus provides an impressive 40 years of follow-up, allowing full analysis from birth to adulthood.

Researchers can access data either virtually (by sending code to be run by CeLSIUS staff) or in person at a safe setting in London. ONS staff provide support for access to the data at safe-settings in Titchfield and Wales.

For more information about the work of CeLSIUS please visit their website at www.ucl.ac.uk/celsius

If you are interested in using the ONS LS or any of the LSs please contact us


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