Free Webinar – Using the Longitudinal Studies for research on health and health inequalities

Tuesday 13th December 2016, 1-2.30pm

In this webinar we will introduce the UK census-based longitudinal studies and highlight their potential for research on health and health inequalities. The webinar will include case studies highlighting the latest research on health using the longitudinal studies across the UK.

The event is open to everyone, but will be of particular interest to PhD students, early career researchers or established researchers who are interested in learning more about the longitudinal studies in the context of health research. An accompanying guide to research on health using the Longitudinal Studies will be released on the CALLS-HUB website to coincide with the webinar.

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The longitudinal studies are valuable datasets for the analysis of health inequalities across the UK. Key strengths include large sample sizes enabling analysis at fine geographical levels and for sub-groups such as ethnic minorities. The longitudinal and long term nature of the data enable the progression of health outcomes to monitored over time and across cohorts and allow researchers to tackle questions that are not addressable with cross-sectional data. The recent and ongoing work to link the longitudinal studies to a range of administrative data on health, and other services, offers valuable future research opportunities and directions for health researchers.

The webinar will include 4 research presentations giving case studies of a diverse set of research projects based on the use of the 3 LSs to address substantive questions relating to health and inequality. There will be opportunities for questions at the end of the webinar. Details of the speakers and their presentations are given below. The event is free.

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Speakers (15 minutes each)

  • Chair: Dr Alan Marshall (University of St Andrews) An introduction to the Longitudinal Studies for health researchers
  • Dr Fiona Cox (University of St Andrews) An exploration of educational outcomes for children with disabilities
  • Dr Fran Darlington-Pollock (Queen Mary University of London) Selective migration, health and deprivation: a longitudinal analysis
  • Dr Stefanie Doebler (University of Liverpool) Informal caregiving and mental ill health – differential relationships by workload, gender, age and area-remoteness in Northern Ireland
  • Sebastian Franke (University of Liverpool) Overall and cause-specific mortality differences by partnership status in 21st century England and Wales


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