Underlying issues in health inequalities

Relevant Projects

  • Influences of social mobility, geographical mobility and changes in socio-spatial contexts on health outcomes (ONS LS Project no. 30033)
  • Time-space geographies and exposure to air pollution: examining the impact of varying exposure to air pollution on the health of adults and birth outcomes (SLS Project 2007_011)
  • Does area regeneration improve residents’ health & well-being? (SLS Project 2009_008)
  • Population mobility and its role in widening health inequalities in Scotland (SLS Project 2009_009)
  • The potential for reduction of health inequalities in Europe: Mortality data from longitudinal studies (Scottish Longitudinal Study) (SLS Project 2011_003)
  • Income inequality and health: a small area analysis (NILS Project 045)

Relevant Publications


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