Social housing and migration

Relevant Projects

  • Health selective migration: influences of geographical mobility and changes in socio-spatial contexts on health outcomes (ONS LS Project no. 401001)
  • Does selective migration cause the increasing economic gradient in ill-health? an analysis using the ONS Longitudinal Study for England and Wales (ONS LS Project no. 30036)
  • How much of Glasgow’s poor health record can be explained by selective migration? (SLS Project 2008_010)
  • Exploring the impact of selective migration on the deprivation mortality gap within Greater Glasgow (SLS Project 2009_002)
  • Neighbourhood change: selective migration versus in situ change (SLS Project 2007_015)
  • Describing and Modelling Internal Migration in NI 2001-2006 using the NILS: Individuals, Households and Places (NILS Project 020)
  • Deprived areas and disadvantaged people: Social Investment Fund areas and migration 2001-2010 (NILS Project 062)

Relevant Publications


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