Search the Data Dictionaries of all 3 LSs using the tools on the right. You can save individual project lists of variables by clicking on the + button next to the variable.

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Welcome to the Beta version of our new data dictionary interface! This new improved system contains full variable information across all three LSs, advanced search options, plus the ability to save your own variable lists between sessions and download them for use when completing your application form.

The new dictionary also contains ‘similarity scores’ to help researchers wishing to use more than one LS for their project. At present these scores are available for 2001, and other census points will be added as the work progresses.

We would be very pleased to hear your thoughts on the new interface and any suggestions or requests you would like us to consider. If you register an account on the system, your login details and any saved projects will be carried across to the full version when it launches in January 2015.


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Please note that this will delete your project including all notes and saved variables within it.

Once deleted it will be completely removed from the system and it will not be possible to restore it.

Click the 'Delete' button to confirm deletion or 'Cancel' to keep the project.