Population dynamics (NI)

Relevant Projects

  • Deprived areas and disadvantaged people: Social Investment Fund areas and migration 2001-2010 (NILS Project 062)
  • Inter-Censal Migration Flows (NILS Project 039)
  • The effect of population movement on the spatial distribution of socio-economic and health status (NILS Project 038)
  • Preliminary investigation into changes in socio-economic and urban/rural characteristics between 1991 and 2001 for section 75 groups (NILS Project 024)
  • Describing and Modelling Internal Migration in NI 2001-2006 using the NILS: Individuals, Households and Places (NILS Project 020)
  • Religious Identities and Social Change in Northern Ireland 1991-2011. Relationships with Mortality, Fertility and Health (NILS Project 080)
  • The Housing Gap Between Natives and Immigrants: Investigating the Variation in Housing Tenure Between Areas, Including Comparisons with Ireland and Great Britain (NILS Project 075)
  • Health, housing tenure, and entrapment 2001-2011: Does changing tenure and address improve health? (NILS Project 067)

Relevant Publications


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