Who gets on to the property ladder in Scotland? – Changing transitions to home ownership among young adults over two decades

Graham, E., Fiori, F. & Feng, Z. (2015) CPC briefing paper, 26 [SLS]

Other information:

Young adults in Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK, are now experiencing greater difficulties getting onto the property ladder than they did in the 1990s. This study examines the characteristics and family background of those who left the parental home and became homeowners between 2001 and 2011. It then compares their experiences with the experiences of young adults in the previous decade. The findings indicate that the advantage associated with higher education has increased but so has the influence of family background, whereas securing professional employment is less of an advantage for getting onto the property than it was in the past. Thus there is a risk of inherited inequalities becoming entrenched and further reducing the social mobility of young adults in the future.

Available online: Link
Download output document: Full paper (PDF 1MB)
Output from project: 2013_011


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