What becomes of youths not in education, employment or training (NEETs) in the E&W Longitudinal Study?

Xun, W., Marshall, C., Lacy, R. & Shelton, N. (2015) British Society for Population Studies Annual Conference, Leeds, UK, 6 - 9 September 2015 [ONS LS]

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The recent recession has highlighted the substantial scale of youth unemployment in the UK and worldwide. Although it is assumed that for most young people, being a NEET is a temporary hiatus and sometimes a necessary step in the transition from adolescence into adulthood and subsequent financial independence, for some the disadvantages of economic inertia at this stage in the life course can have long-term effects on their socio-economic outlook later on. The aim of this presentation is to investigate and compare how the influence of cross-sectional variables which are associated with NEET status have changed with time. Using data from the England and Wales Longitudinal Study (LS), we will identify NEETs from a representative sample of 1% of the E&W census population aged 16-29 years. We will draw samples from 1971 and 1991 for comparison purposes. In particular, we hope to investigate associated factors at the individual-, household-, and intergenerational-levels.

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Output from project: 0301616


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