What becomes of the youths Not in Education, Employment or training (NEETs) in the E&W Longitudinal Study (LS)

Xun, W., Marshall, C., Lacy, R. & Shelton, N. (2014) BSPS Annual Conference 2014, Univ of Winchester, 8 - 10 Sept 2014 [ONS LS]

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The recent recession has highlighted the substantial scale of youth unemployment in the UK and worldwide. Although it is assumed that for most young people, being a NEET is a temporary hiatus and sometimes a necessary step in the transition from adolescence into adulthood and subsequent financial independence, for some the disadvantages of economic inertia at this stage in the life course can have long-term effects on their socio-economic outlook later on. The aim of this paper is to investigate if being a NEET in youth can affect their future economic participation; hence, to what extent does a “shadow” of NEETs exist in socio-economic terms in the UK. Using the data from the England and Wales Longitudinal Study (LS), we will identify NEETs from a representative sample of 1% of the E&W census population aged 16-29 years, and follow them for 10 and then 20 years to examine the differences in their destination employment status, occupation and social class compared with their non-NEET counterparts. Due to the changes in the economic conditions, labour market and other relevant factors within the last few decades, three cohorts will be drawn from 1971, 1981 and 1991 for comparison purposes.

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Output from project: 0301616


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