We are failing those who spend their childhood in care. Here’s how

Garrington, C., featuring Sacker, A., Murray, E. & Lacey, R. (2020) Child of Our Time Blog 20 July 2020. [ONS LS]

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The number of children in care has steadily increased over the past decade, reaching almost 85,000 in England and Wales at the start of 2019. But what are the longer term consequences of a childhood in care? In a first-of-its kind research project looking at nearly 6,000 people who had spent some or all of their childhood in care, Amanda Sacker and colleagues at the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies at UCL find their health prospects are shockingly bleak. The research suggests that thousands may have died prematurely and that thousands more face poor health in adulthood. They say the findings have strong implications for policy and that much more must be done to close the inequality gap between those who spend time in care and those who do not.

Available online: Child of Our Time Blog
Output from project: 1008925


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