Unconscious Segregation?: Social Networks, Amenities, Behaviouralism and Mobility Decisions in Britain, 1991‐2012

Kaufmann, E. & Harris, G. (2014) BSPS Annual Conference 2014, Univ of Winchester, 8 - 10 September 2014. [ONS LS]

Other information:

This paper assesses the impact of ethnic diversity and change on British mobility decisions at ward level between 1991-2012. This is arguably the first study to link individuals' subjective attitudes with mobility data at several points in time, permitting a fuller assessment of the role of ethnic motivation than has hitherto been possible. This study combines data from the British Household Panel and Understanding Society (UKHLS) surveys, Citizenship Surveys, UK census data, ONS LS data and findings from a specially commissioned survey of retrospective mobility. We find that ethnicity matters for mobility choices, but ethnocentrism explains only a very small part of this. Instead, correlates of ethnicity - amenities such as places of worship or social ties to family and friends - may be central. We find in UKHLS, that moves to more diverse areas are associated with moves toward one's mother for minorities and away for White British. In UKHLS and the Citizenship Surveys, minorities who are less religiously observant are more likely to move to whiter wards regardless of their ethnic attachment. There is also an added dimension of white/minority differences in migration trajectories which cannot be captured by ethnic dynamics alone. Some combination of discrimination, minority discomfort or unconscious, behavioural processes may thereby be important, which we explore further with the data.

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Output from project: 04010030


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