Turning off the European migration tap may actually hasten ethnic change in Britain, ironically leading to an own-goal for UKIP

Kaufmann, E. (2014) LSE British Politics & Policy Blog, 30 April 2014. [ONS LS]

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Anti-prejudice norms condition the way people express their opposition to immigration – stressing European rather than non-European migrants, economic over cultural motivations. So, opposition to European immigration may be a veiled way of expressing deeper concerns over racial change. At the same time, assimilation mitigates ethnic change; a significant number of European immigrants shift to White British identity over time. If UKIP get its way and European migrants are shut out in favour of a points-based immigration system that Nigel Farage advocates, ethnic change might actually be hastened, writes Eric Kaufmann.

Available online: LSE British Politics & Policy Blog,
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