The Scottish excess in mortality compared to the English and Welsh: is it a country of residence or country of birth excess?

Boyle, P.J., Popham, F. & Norman, P. (2010) Health & Place, 16(4), 759-762. [SLS]

Other information:

Scotland has a higher mortality rate than England and Wales, which is only partially explained by differences in socio-economic deprivation. Within Scotland those born in England and Wales have a lower mortality rate than the Scottish born. Within England and Wales, Scottish born immigrants have a higher mortality rate than those born in England and Wales. These results raise the question of whether the greater Scottish mortality is a country of birth rather than a country of residence excess. Our analysis, around the 2001 Census, suggests that country of birth is more important than country of residence, indicating that early life factors may be important for the Scottish excess.

Available online: Health & Place,
Output from project: 2009_004


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