The NILS: Present Opportunities and Future Prospects After 2011

Shuttleworth, I. (2011) Census 2011: impact and potential - Exploring the research potential of the 2011 Census, University of Manchester, UK, 7 - 8 July 2011 [NILS]

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The presentation briefly describes the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS) environment (eg research support, sample size, data linkages, policy linkages, scope), examines the current research opportunities it provides, and looks ahead to prospects for work using the NILS in the next decade. Selected projects are used to illustrate its potential and use to date. The policy impact of the NILS in government since its foundation is also discussed. The inception and growth of the NILS is set in the context of ESRC investment in longitudinal studies in the UK and current ESRC research priorities. The NILS is also compared and contrasted with the other UK LSs to highlight the unique contribution it is placed to make. Future development plans (eg further possible data linkages) for the NILS after 2011 are discussed with reference to the evolving picture in the UK. Finally, some ideas are also set out as to how the NILS might be used in the next decade to benefit Northern Ireland and UK academic and policy research agendas.

Available online: Link
Download output document: Presentation slides (PDF 213KB)


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