The experiences of spouses and partners caregiving for wounded, injured, or sick (WIS) UK military personnel

Thandi, G. (2018) Doctoral thesis. King's College London. [ONS LS]

Other information:

i) Identify caregiver burden, in spouses/partners, and the associated risk factors through a systematic review, ii) Investigate how many military caregivers are in the UK using Census data, iii) Study factors associated with changes in caregiving, over 10 years, using Census data, iv) Explore available support services for caregivers by interviewing military & non-military stakeholders, v) Study caregiver journeys through longitudinal qualitative interviews over two years, vi) Investigate how caregiving affects intimate relationships by interviewing spouses/partners, vii) Make policy and practice recommendations from findings.

Available online: Doctoral thesis.
Output from project: 1005151


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