THE SCOTTISH LONGITUDINAL STUDY, Tracing rates and sample quality for the 1991 Census SLS sample

Hattersley, L., Raab, G. & Boyle, P. (2007) SLS Technical Working Paper 2. Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland: Edinburgh/St Andrews, 1 October 2007. [SLS]

Other information:

This working paper covers the creation, selection and quality of the 1991 Census SLS sample that was used as the starting point of this study. It provides details of the methods used to select the sample from the 1991 Census returns and the process of flagging the study members on the NHSCR system. It goes on to discuss the quality of the tracing rates and sampling fractions. This is designed to be a technical report and for a more general introduction to the SLS, please refer to LSCS Working Paper 1 “The Scottish Longitudinal Study: an introduction”.

Download output document: SLS Technical Working Paper 2 (PDF 337kb)


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