Social support and desire for help in men with cancer: the mediating role of distress

Dale, H., Ozakinci, G., Adair, P. & Humphris, G. (2013) European Health Psychology Society Conference, Bordeaux, France, 16 - 20 July 2013 [SLS]

Other information:

Background: Objectives were to examine relationships between social support, distress, lifestyle behaviours and desire for help, in men with cancer. Methods: A cross-sectional research study recruited men aged 18 and over with any cancer diagnosis (N = 127) through the health service and cancer charities. The questionnaire assessed social support (Social Provisions Scale), distress (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and Distress Thermometer), health behaviours - smoking, alcohol, diet, exercise - and desire for support. Findings: Men reporting lower social support experienced higher distress, leading to a greater desire for help to improve lifestyle. Latent variable path analysis modelling confirmed that distress mediated the relationship between social support and desire for help for these issues. Discussion: Those with higher distress coupled with lower levels of support may be more willing to seek help. Those engaging in risky health behaviours may require more targeted interventions to motivate them and reduce service-related barriers.

Available online: Link
Download output document: Presentation slides (PDF 816KB)
Output from project: 2010_002


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