Social Inequality and Avoidable Mortality in the U.K.

Pevalin, D. (2014) Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Seminar Series University of Melbourne, Australia 19 March 2014 [SLS][ONS LS]

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Social class inequalities in premature all-cause mortality are well documented in the UK. This study situates the analysis of three large cohort studies within Link and Phelan’s “fundamental cause” hypothesis and examines the social class differences in two aspects of avoidable mortality – preventable causes and causes amenable to medical intervention. Data come from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) Longitudinal Study for England and Wales baseline 1971 census; Scottish Longitudinal Study baseline 1991 census; and Northern Ireland Mortality Study baseline 2001. Death records are linked to census data and Cox regression models are used to estimate hazard ratios.

Available online: Link
Output from project: 2009_007 (SLS), 30098 (ONS LS)


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