Social inequalities in male mortality for selected causes of death by the National Statistics Socioeconomic Classification, England and Wales, 2001–03

White, C., Edgar, G. & Siegler, V. (2008) Health Statistics Quarterly, 38(2), 19 - 32 [ONS LS]

Other information:

This article reports social inequalities in mortality in selected causes of death for men aged 25-64 years in England and Wales in 2001–03. It is the first compilation of mortality statistics in causes of death by the final version of the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification, which was introduced into death registrations in 2001. These results follow-up the all cause analyses reported previously using similar methods, and provide insights into the impacts of different social and occupational circumstances on selected causes of death.

Available online: Health Statistics Quarterly,
Download output document: Full paper (PDF 286kB)


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