Social and economic transitions and their effect on young people’s health and social wellbeing

McCann, M., Moriarty, J. & Maguire, A. (2014) UK LS 2011 Census Linkage Launch Event, Church House, Westminster, London, UK, 6 March 2014 [NILS]

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Safeguarding the health, prosperity and wellbeing of children and young people is an effective means of improving population health throughout the life course. Better understanding the effects that the social environment can have on children and young people will help identify ways to mitigate harmful influences. Low familial Socioeconomic Status (SES) has been found to have a negative effect on child health, but studies have shown that this effect diminishes over time, especially where SES increases in adulthood. Changing social circumstances in childhood, such as marital breakdown, may also have an effect on the physical and mental health of young people. This project aimed to assess the feasibility of using linked Census data to study the influence of change in social and economic circumstances on children’s outcomes.

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Download output document: Handout summary (PDF 95KB)
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