Inter-sectarian couples in the 2001 census

Holligan, C. & Raab, G. (2010) SLS Research Working Paper 7. Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland: Edinburgh/St Andrews, 15 January 2010. [SLS]

Other information:

We have used data on over 111 thousand couples where both partners were born in Scotland, aged 16 to 74 and with one member an SLS member, who reported in the 2001 census that they were raised in a Christian denomination, or that they were raised with no religion. This sample represents approximately 11% of all such couples in the census. ...

The proportion of inter-sectarian (RC and protestant) couples has increased steeply for the youngest age groups and in the West of Scotland they make up around 25% of all couples. ... Those in a religiously mixed partnership are more likely to have no current religious practice, but RCs in mixed partnerships are the most likely to maintain their religious practice of upbringing.

Taken together these findings suggest a breakdown of sectarianism in Scotland between RC and others. This is accompanied with an increase in secularism and with some evidence of the separation of those with no religious upbringing, who are generally a disadvantaged group, from others.

Download output document: SLS Research Working Paper 7 (PDF 1.6MB)
Output from project: 2007_008


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