Person or place? Finding out more about what drives health inequalities

Garrington, C., featuring Ingleby, F., Belot, B., Woods, L., Atherton, I., Elliss-Brookes, L. & Baker, M. (2022) CeLSIUS Linking Our Lives Blog, 25 July 2022. [ONS LS]

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It is known that life expectancy is higher in some areas of the UK than in others. These inequalities in health are linked to the socio-demographics of the area: poorer health and shorter life expectancy tends to be a feature of less affluent areas of the country. In this blog, the third in a series on cancer and social inequality, Fiona Ingleby discusses research which uses data from cancer patients included in the ONS Longitudinal Study to assess the evidence on health inequalities and cancer outcomes.

Available online: CeLSIUS Linking Our Lives Blog,
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