Overview of the longitudinal studies for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Stuchbury, R, (2015) Understanding Society Scientific Conference, Univ of Essex, UK, 21 - 23 July 2015 [ONS LS]

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The United Kingdom has three census-based longitudinal studies covering England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each study combines census and vital event data, covering a sample of the resident population of the country, and contains information on new births, births to sample mothers, deaths, presence at each census, and personal, household and geographical information at each census. All three studies have at least 20 years of follow-up. The presentation will outline key features of the individual studies, as this varies; for example, only for Scotland are School Census data available for sample members, while only for sample members in Northern Ireland are prescriptions for medication available. Examples of the main research designs will be given, including cross-sectional analysis of small population groups, time-series work, and prospective analysis of life events. Procedures for gaining access to each longitudinal study will be described; these are similar for each of the three but there are several key differences. The longitudinal studies have been used by academics and government researchers to increase their knowledge about different groups of the population of the United Kingdom and to support and inform policy making; we will also show briefly, where the three studies have been used to provide evidence in government reviews.

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