Neighbourhood ethnic mix and the formation of mixed-ethnic unions in Britain

Feng, Z., van Ham, M., Raab, G., Stillwell, J. & van Ham, M. (2010) In Stillwell, J. & van Ham, M. (eds), 'Ethnicity and Integration' Chapter 5, pp83-104. Springer, Dordrecht. ISBN: 978-90-481-9102-4 [SLS][ONS LS]

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Building on a long history of research on residential segregation, this chapter explores how mixed-ethnic couples contribute to changing ethnic geographies. The study uses data from the Longitudinal Study (LS) for England and Wales and is the first UK study to examine the influence of geographical context on the formation of mixed-ethnic unions. By using longitudinal data, the authors establish whether living in a mixed-ethnic neighbourhood makes it more likely for people to end up in mixed-ethnic unions.

Available online: 'Ethnicity and Integration'
Output from project: 2007_016 (SLS), 30092 (ONS LS)


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