Migration and Social Mobility in Urban Systems: National and International Trends

Fielding, A.J. (2007) International Handbook of Urban Policy, Vol 1, chapter 7. Edward Elgar Publishing ISBN: 9781847204585 [ONS LS]

Other information:

This chapter will draw upon data from the UK and Japanese Population Censuses, and in particular the ONS Longitudinal Study for England and Wales, to support a number of generalizations about the relationships, within hierarchical urban systems, between social mobility and geographical mobility. It will address both intra- and intergenerational social (occupational) mobility, migration at both the intra- and international scales, and movements both up and down the urban hierarchy. The primary focus will be on migrations within, and into, high-income countries such as those found in Western Europe and Northeast Asia. Three groups of questions will be addressed: 1. Those concerned with the links between social mobility and geographical mobility such as ‘Do migration rates differ systematically by social (occupational) class?’ ‘Does the evidence support the idea that social mobility and geographical mobility are related to one another?’ ‘Do those who migrate experience (on average) upward or downward social mobility?’ ‘Do those who move occupationally, experience (on average) greater or less geographical mobility?’ ‘If there are systematic relationships between social mobility and geographical mobility, are they the same for men and for women?’. Those concerned with how these intra-generational relationships between social and geographical mobility are affected by whether or not the migration is up or down the urban hierarchy, or within or between countries, such as ‘Do migrations up the hierarchy facilitate the social promotion of...

Available online: International Handbook of Urban Policy, Vol 1,
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