Living circumstances and health of people with learning disabilities

Miler, J., Jacobs, M. & Cooper, S. (2016) 16th Seattle Club Conference on Research in Intellectual Disabilities, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, 12 - 13 December 2016 [SLS]

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People with learning disabilities experience poorer physical and mental health than the general population. This study investigates whether living conditions and their changes over time are different for people with learning disabilities compared to the general population, and whether these are related to general health status.

Secondary data analysis using the Scottish Longitudinal Study, which links information obtained on 5% of the population at Scotland’s Census 2011 with their information at Census 2001 and Census 1991. Matched-control design (age, sex) with 4 matches per person with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities and general health status were identified from responses to the questions at Census 2011. The study recently commenced; this poster describes the aims and methods in more detail.

993 individuals had learning disabilities and a record in both Scotland’s Census 2011 and at least one of Census 2001 and Census 1991. 136 (13.7%) lived in communal establishments in 2011. 03/735 (14.0%) people with learning disabilities were living in communal establishments in 1991 and 114/923 (12.4%) in 2001. Further details will be presented on living circumstances, and its relationship to health.

It is important to identify the factors that impact on health that might be improved. The 20 year longitudinal study design allows residential types and movement to be tracked and linked to health status.

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Output from project: 2015_014


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