Identifying vulnerabilities in men with cancer; social support and mental health problems

Dale, H., Ozakinci, G., Adair, P. & Humphris, G. (2014) British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference, Glasgow, UK. 3 - 5 December 2014 [SLS]

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  • Men with cancer suffer worse mortality and morbidity rates than women.
  • Men seek less help than women for health problems regardless of disease type, which can lead to poorer symptom awareness or slower medical advice seeking, late diagnoses (White, Thomson & Forman, 2009), not accessing support (Lee and Owens, 2002), and not making preventative lifestyle changes (Wilkins et al, 2008).
  • Psychological barriers, pressures around masculinity, and wider cultural norms may also contribute to less help seeking (Robertson, 2007).
  • Age, marital status, living alone, cancer type, geographical location, deprivation, and cancer trajectory seem to be important in a range of health-related domains (e.g., distress, psychological health, and practicing good health behaviours.


To identify which demographic and disease variables may be indicators of low social support, depression, anxiety, distress and poorer health behaviours in men with cancer.

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Download output document: Poster (PDF 324KB)
Output from project: 2010_002


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