Health selective migration: influences of geographical mobility and changes in socio-spatial contexts on health outcomes

Norman, P. (2014) UK LS 2011 Census Linkage Launch Event, Church House, Westminster, London, UK, 6 March 2014 [ONS LS]

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Background. People may have (dis-) advantageous socio-demographic characteristics and / or live in (dis-) advantageous places such that there are social and deprivation gradients with health. Selective sorting has a role in changing health relationships over time (Boyle et al. 2004; Norman et al. 2005; Boyle et al. 2009). This Beta test project updates previous ONS Longitudinal Study (LS) projects (10347 & 30033) which investigated the role of health selective migration on changing health-deprivation relationships over time (Norman et al. 2005; Boyle & Norman 2009). The evidence suggests that migrants in good health who move to less deprived areas and migrants with poor health who either move to or are 'stuck' in more deprived areas exaggerate the health inequalities between differently deprived areas. Recently, age dimensions have been found which demonstrate that residential moves in mid-life account for the increasing inequalities (Norman & Boyle 2014).

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