Gender Life Course Transitions from the Nuclear Family in England and Wales 1981-2001

Ware, L., Maconachie, M., Williams, M., Chandler, J. & Dodgeon, B. (2007) Sociological Research Online, 12(4), [ONS LS]

Other information:

In recent years there has been much political debate in the popular media about the fate of the nuclear family in the UK. Very little work has been done, using population data, to actually demonstrate the decline, or indeed continuance of this type of household formation. In this paper we use Office for National Statistics (ONS) longitudinal census data, from England and Wales, to explore the formation, dissolution and continuance of the nuclear family household over a twenty year period (1981- 2001). Our findings indicate a continuing importance of this household arrangement, however routes into and trajectories from nuclear family households take different forms for men and women across the life course.

Available online: Sociological Research Online,
Output from project: 30046


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