Fuel Poverty, Climate and Mortality in Northern Ireland 1980 – 2006

Morris, C. (2007) DSD Statistics and Research Bulletin, Occasional Paper 25. Department for Social Development (DSDNI) 1 November 2007. [NILS]

Other information:

This publication consists of two papers, each of which is intended to be free-standing. As a consequence, some of the definitions and background material is repeated in each paper.The first paper examines Northern Ireland as a whole, looking at temperature and changes in mortality rates over the twenty-six year period 1980-2006. It focuses on circulatory and respiratory deaths, as these have been demonstrated to be more strongly linked to temperature than other causes.The second, longer, paper addresses the relationship between housing conditions, cause of death and temperature in the period 2001-2006. The analysis is based on more localised data.

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