Fertility in Northern Ireland 2001-2011: The Influence of Education and Migration

McGregor, P. & McKee, P. (2014) UK LS 2011 Census Linkage Launch Event, Church House, Westminster, London, UK, 6 March 2014 [NILS]

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Education has an important influence upon fertility. Women with degrees tend to have fewer children and begin childbearing later than those with less qualification. The project proposed to examine the fertility of the NILS panel (c 28% of the population) of women aged 15 to 49 years at any time between the Censuses of 2001 and 2011. A woman’s presence in the panel was established by her being in the biannual download from the BSO based on health card registrations.

The beta test consisted of examining educational qualifications as recorded in the two Censuses. The expected pattern would be of a monotonic non-decreasing function. The large majority of individuals proceed directly through education: the academic path for instance consists of GCSEs, followed by A-levels and then Degree. The path can be terminated at any stage.

Download output document: Poster handout (PDF 238 KB)
Output from project: 066


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