Evaluating the impact of area regeneration programmes in Scotland: a mixed- methods approach

Archibald, D. (2015) iPower presentation, Dept of Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews, UK, 20 May 2015 [SLS]

Other information:

The last three decades have seen significant investment in area-based initiatives in Scotland to regenerate disadvantaged areas. The potential to combat multiple deprivation is often used as justification for such a large-scale investment. Nevertheless, evaluation of these initiatives has been limited and produced conflicting results. Some regeneration programmes appear to have had positive effects on the lives of residents, whilst others have had no, or even a detrimental effect.

This may, however, be attributed to difficulties in designing appropriate evaluation studies rather than the effects of regeneration per se. For example, following individuals over time so that their changing circumstances can be more related to the regeneration processes that they experience has rarely been done. Many evaluations have relied on comparing population characteristics in an area before and after regeneration, ignoring the fact that the resident population may have changed substantially during this period.

This research sought to address such limitations by using a rigorous research design that employed longitudinal data and innovative techniques to assess how area regeneration impacted on the lives of individuals resident in disadvantaged areas in Scotland.

Output from project: 2009_008


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